In 2004 Pure Kids Wholesale ApS was founded in 2004.

Pure Kids Wholesale designs and develops children’s clothes and shoes to the quirky world they live in. In 2014 Phister & Philina extended the original collection into two collections “Phister & Philina Black” and Phister & Philina Sweet”.

The brand Racoon has been rebranded under other names during the years and in 2012 Racoon Outdoor was created as a brand. Beyond these two brands Primetime Denmark A/S sell and develop brands such as Kappa, Sergio Tacchini, NoNation to most of the Northern Europe. Primetime Denmark is also responsible for selling both Phister & Philina plus Racoon Outdoor.

At Primetime Denmark A/S we are also looking at new markets to expand to and we are currently looking forward to expanding to Sweden in a short time.

Our main markets are Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway and United Kingdom. The headquarter is placed in Birkerød in the Northern Copenhagen.

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